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“Robert cradled Jacob in his arms until his tiny heart stopped beating… The nurse physically unpeeled Robert’s fingers to remove Jacob’s body from his hands.”

The Broken Girl in the Red Shoes takes you on a journey where a mother dies, taking her daughter’s soul with her and leaving her heart and mind devastated and body engulfed by grief.

The girl reflects on her mother’s heartache throughout her life as she leads you to a haunted convent.

We learn how the daughter recovers from her grief and gains back her soul and, in the process, learns never to alter the path of fate.

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Waiting For The Tide is book two and the sequel to The Broken Girl In The Red Shoes. Charlotte visits a spiritual church in where she receives a message from her mother to walk on a journey in which she sails with her husband and father to Iceland. At the top of a glacier, their healing hearts cause the heaven gates to open, sending a divine message as they walk again with Charlotte renewing her wedding vows.

A pea supper and a dense fog brings disaster. Will Charlotte come home and walk free, or will her heart be broken again?

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