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Tony Klinger

Age is simply a number; talent does not know an age. Tony now at the age of 71 still empowers all with his life works as he continues his ethos GIVE - GET - GO as curiosity still surrounds Tony and his work.

Tony was born in 1950, to parents whose drive was to always encourage their son to find his own path in life as he embarked on his journey creating a meaning for his existence and that his journey was not in vain. They taught Tony to be honest, and never to be fake. Tony’s mother was the source of common sense in her family, a strength she bestowed upon her son from birth.

Talent is Ageless  
Written by Lady Kendal Jaggar


Communication is often improved whilst eating together

Author Lady Kendall Jaggar said, “Communication is often improved whilst eating together, aligning our taste buds and our palate to the infusion of both flavour and the ambience found when we eat together around the table.
Using facial recognition and our body language whilst engaging with each other allows the daily stresses to ease away.”


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Lady Kendal Jaggar – known in the industry as LKJc is an advocate for Mental Health Awareness and Well Being. LKJ strives for excellence as a Freelance Current Affairs News Reporter, Travel Journalist, Travel Writer, Published Author and World Critic.

LKJ chosen Charities; Dementia UK, The Leprosy Mission and Macmillan Cancer Support.

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